Welcome to Samchem Corporation

Samchem Corporation was established in March 1998 to act as principal agent for Samsung Korea plastics and chemicals business into both South African and sub-Saharan Africa. Since 1998 Samchem Corporation (Pty Ltd has grown considerably, but has retained a small staff compliment which delivers personal service.

Samchem Corporation (Pty) Ltd has distribution facilities in the main centers of South Africa namely Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Samchem Corporation Pty Ltd imports and distribures a wide range of plastics, plastic additives and chemical raw materials. Product is imported from the Far East, Middle East and Europe.

Samchem Corporation (Pty) Ltd has a well-balanced and very loyal staff compliment and prides itself on delivering service excellence.

Samchem Corporation (Pty) Ltd is a proactive company with a flat decision making structure.

Samchem is well financed and supported by our bankers.